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Wheaton Wings Tryouts

All new and returning players are required to tryout. Tryouts are a 2-day process and all players must attend both days for placement eligibility.

The Wheaton Wings professional training company, Future Pros, administers the tryouts and has final discretion of team placement. Player selection and team placement is determined by the trainers’ evaluations for returning players and tryout evaluations for all players.

Tryout participants are notified via email within 24 hours of the tryout if they are selected for a team. Players offered a position will have 24 hours to accept the invitation by placing a nonrefundable deposit to secure team placement.

If a player should decline or is nonresponsive to the initial invitation, the player will be placed at the bottom of the holding pool. The player may be invited to join another team within the same age group depending on space availability. If a player declines to join their assigned team, the next ranked player from a lower team or the holding pool will be moved up and will have 24 hours to accept or decline a position on that team.

Any player who is moved up from a lower team will have the option of declining acceptance on the higher team and still maintain a roster spot on the lower team.

Any current player who wishes to try out for an older age group must be recommended by their trainer, register for that age group and attend both evaluation days. Any new player who wishes to try out for an older age group must register for that age group and attend both evaluations days. If a player is evaluated at a higher age group and is not selected, the player will not be placed on any other Wings teams.

Our goal is to have all teams formed within 48 hours after the initial selection of teams and the holding pool. All players remaining in the holding pool after teams have been completely formed will be contacted by the Club President.

The Wheaton Wings reserves the right to re-assign players during the season based on the trainers’ direction. The Club also reserves the right to add players through supplemental tryouts during the season to strengthen roster numbers if necessary.

Spring tryouts took place in May 2019.

Supplemental tryout details

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Supplemental Tryouts

Supplemental tryouts can be requested at any time during the season. A supplemental tryout will only be granted if a team has an available roster position at the age group of the requesting player.

If interested, please contact Toni Giovenco, Club President at 630-510-5016 or email tgiovenco@wheatonparks.org.



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