Wheaton Wolverines Lacrosse has partnered with New Wave Lacrosse to offer a fantastic Youth League program for Spring 2019!

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Resident registration for Spring Leagues starts 11/13/18 and open registration (for residents and nonresidents) is available on 12/4/18.

Visit the Registration tab to register when registration is available.

Boys Spring 2019 TRAVEL Teams

This level is open to ALL experience levels (Grades 2-8)
The Wheaton Lacrosse program will be home to over 200+ athletes this spring. Guided by New Wave Lacrosse, this recreational program will consist of practices 2x per week, weekly games against outside towns and three local tournaments during the spring season. Away games will be located within a 20 mile radius. Tons of Lacrosse, Tons of Games, All Local! Rental equipment is available prior to the start of the season through New Wave Lacrosse.

Questions regarding the Travel Teams can be directed to New Wave Lacrosse Director Andy Thompson (

Boys Spring 2019 SELECT Teams

Evaluations will be ONGOING during the preseason for Select team rosters in the spring. You must be registered in the travel league to be considered for the select team.

Select teams play at a higher level of training, tournaments and coaching resources. Therefore, there is an addition fee of $285.00 to cover those costs.

Playing on the select team is a privilege and a choice you and your player have to decide on. If you feel the value the resources are not of value you are able to stay on the travel team.


The Wheaton Park District runs the lacrosse program with a large number of parent volunteers as coaches, proving that first time coaches can learn the game and be successful in coaching lacrosse. As the Wheaton Park District program grows, we need more coaches and support. To assist in the development of the coaches, the Wheaton Park District will be sponsoring lacrosse clinics, seminars and training.

Questions regarding coaching can be directed to New Wave Lacrosse Director Andy Thompson (

All Wheaton Park District coaches must be America Sports Education Program (ASEP) certified and pass criminal background checks.

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Wheaton Lacrosse

Wheaton Wolverines Lacrosse

Our recent partnership with New Wave Lacrosse will help the Wheaton Lacrosse program grow by leaps and bounds! More games, more tournaments, and professional coaches assisting with the teams. Get ready for a great Spring experience in Wheaton!

Season Details

Minis Lacrosse

Grades: 1st and 2nd
Dates: 4/11 – 6/1
Practices: Tuesdays from 5pm-6pm
Games: Thursdays from 5pm-6pm
Cost: $145/Resident
Location: Seven Gables Park

Travel Team Season

Grades: 3-8
Dates: 4/9 – 6/1
Practices: Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm; Thursdays 6pm-7:30pm
Games: Saturdays (possible makeup games on Sundays). All games within 20-mile radius
Cost: $270/Resident
Location: Seven Gables Park

Select Team Season


Provide opportunities for Wheaton area youth lacrosse players to excel in individual team lacrosse skills in a challenging and competitive environment. This program has a place for every player – from New players looking to learn the game to Experienced players looking to compete at a high level.

Develop the highest quality coaching/training staff.

Maintain a reputation as a premier youth lacrosse program which constantly strives for a higher level of achievement, teamwork, and to develop people of character.


Wheaton Lacrosse Mini – 1st & 2nd Grade

  • Volunteer coaches will conduct all practice session and coach six games plus “round-robin” style tournament games.
  • Season will run from April 11th – June 1st
  • Teams will practice twice a week (Practices on Tuesday, Games on Thursday).
  • Uniform jersey (pinnie) is included in the cost of the program.

Wheaton Lacrosse Junior – 3rd & 4th Grade

  • Volunteer coaches will conduct all practice session and coach weekly games plus tournament games.
  • Season will run from April 11th – June 1st
  • Teams will participate in the New Wave Lacrosse spring league.
  • Uniform jersey (pinnie) is included in the cost of the program.

Wheaton Lacrosse Minor – 5th & 6th Grade

  • Volunteer coaches will conduct all practice session and coach weekly games plus tournament games.
  • Season will run from April 11th – June 1st
  • Teams will participate in the New Wave Lacrosse spring league
  • Uniform jersey (pinnie) is included in the cost of the program.

Wheaton Lacrosse Major – 7th & 8th Grade

  • Volunteer coaches will conduct all practice session and coach weekly games plus tournament games.
  • Season will run from April 11th – June 1st
  • Teams will participate in the New Wave Lacrosse spring league.
  • Uniform jersey (pinnie) is included in the cost of the program.


Majors, Minors and Juniors Teams will compete in the following Spring Tournaments:

  • Wheaton Warmup – April 27th @ Graf Park
  • May Classic – May 18th/May 19th @ Calvary Church in Naperville
  • Arrowhead Shootout – June 1st @ Commissioners Park in Naperville


SPRING 2019 LEAGUES Registration

Location: Graf Park Turf | Practice Day: Tuesday/Thursdays | Game Day: Weekends (TBA) Time: Varies | Limit: 60

League Grade Dates R/NR Fee Registration
Mini 1-2 4/9-6/11 $145$170
Register for Mini
Juniors 3-4 4/9-6/11 $270/$335
Register for Juniors
Minors 5-6 4/9-6/11 $270/$335
Register for Minors
Majors 7-8 4/9-6/11 $270/$335
Register for Majors
Select 3rd-8th*** 3-8 4/9-6/11 $285/$285 ***additional fee***
For more information, please contact:

Darrell Houston
1777 S. Blanchard Rd.
Wheaton, IL 60189


Wheaton Lacrosse


Game Schedules: Due to our rolling registration process, game schedule will not be available until Tuesday, April 9th.

Game schedules will be sent to participants directly and will also be updated at

Wheaton Lacrosse

Character Counts

Wheaton Park District has adopted an initiative called Character Counts which has already been implemented at several Community Unit School District 200 schools. The Character Counts program promotes six core ethical values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship. We ask as a parent, spectator, official, participant or coach of a Wheaton Park District sport that you put these values into action through the program.

Program: Take 5 for Character
Description: This program will be implemented in the youth sports programs of the Wheaton Park District. We ask that all coaches “Take 5 for Character” at the end of each practice and sporting event. This means participants, coaches and parents set aside five minutes to talk about what they could do in order to demonstrate good character. Here are some ideas for discussion topics:


  • Be honest; don’t make excuses for your mistakes.
  • Don’t steal.
  • Build a good reputation.
  • Be loyal to your team and community.
  • Do what you say you’ll do; keep your word.
  • Support your teammates and be encouraging.
  • Have the courage to do the right thing.


  • Clean up garbage around players’ benches, spectators’ bleachers, and surrounding areas.
  • Shake hands with opposing teams and, if a particular athlete played well, go out of your way to congratulate him or her.
  • Do not celebrate excessively after scoring a basket or goal.
  • Talk about what sportsmanship-like conduct should include.
  • Do not use bad language or put down teammates or players of another team.
  • Recognize someone who has had a nice play, basket or hit.
  • Respect referees and umpires.


  • Be on time and be accountable; if you cannot come to a game or practice, make sure you tell the coach.
  • Use self-control.
  • Be a good loser and do not blame the referees.
  • Think before you act.
  • Follow the Golden Rule.
  • Take responsibility for your own actions; do not blame others.
  • Be tolerant of differences and deal with disagreements peacefully.
  • Always do your best.


  • When you make a bad play, do not blame other teammates.
  • Listen to others and don’t be a “ball hog”; work as a team.
  • Play by the rules.
  • Understand that you cannot play every minute of the game; sometimes you will have to sit out an inning or a quarter. Learn to cheer from the bench.
  • Don’t run up the score.


  • When you tackle, knock someone down, or collide with another player, lend a hand and help them up, even if they are not on your team.
  • Cheer on someone if they make a good play, even if they are not on your team.
  • Be a gracious loser.
  • If someone gets hurt, be sympathetic.
  • Be compassionate and show that you care.
  • Thank your coaches for their time, effort and hard work.


  • Set a positive example.
  • Respect the facility.
  • Respect authority.
  • When traveling to other communities, take pride in the team and community you represent and make a good impression.
  • Obey laws and rules.
  • Protect the environment.

Wheaton Lacrosse

Code of Conduct for Parents


  • Always act so as to encourage and justify trust. Teach your children the meaning and importance of trustworthiness.
  • Be honest and demand honesty from your children. Do not engage in or permit dishonesty by lying, deception or omission.
  • Teach and model the importance of integrity by doing the right thing even when the cost is high.
  • Admit your mistakes openly and honestly as a demonstration of integrity.
  • Keep commitments. Do what you say you will do when you say you would do it to impress on your
  • children the values of promise-keeping and reliability. If you are unable to keep a commitment, apologize to those who were depending on you.


  • Treat everyone, including your children, with respect, courtesy and consideration and require your children to treat others with similar respect. Cheer good plays of both teams. Avoid and prevent put-downs, insults, name-calling, yelling and other verbal or nonverbal conduct likely to offend, hurt or simply set a bad example. Promote politeness and use of “please,” “thank you” and “excuse me.”
  • Let the coaches coach, the referees ref, and the players play. Cheer and encourage vigorously but do not confuse players or impede coaches by shouting instructions to players from the sidelines. During a game, do not interfere with a coaches judgement on substitutions, plays or assigned positions. Do not challenge the calls of a referee/umpire/official during or after a game.
  • Teach your children to be on time and that others are depending on them to be where they should be when they should be.
  • Teach your children to treat others as individuals recognizing and appreciating their diversity in skills, gender, ethnicity and race. Never permit statements or acts of prejudice.
  • Listen to your children. Respect their opinions and answer their questions without being defensive or arbitrary.


  • Always exercise and demand self-control. Do not lose your temper. Don’t throw things, scream, or otherwise demonstrate uncontrolled anger toward any player, including your child, a coach or referee/umpire/official.
  • Teach and model self-discipline and a sense of duty to meet obligations even when it is difficult or unpleasant.
  • Teach and model the idea of pursuing excellence measured by doing one’s best, not by winning. Teach your children to win and lose with grace, that character is measured by how you played the game and that they can always hold their heads up high when they have done their best.
  • Teach and model accountability by accepting responsibility for your choices of both action and inaction.


  • Teach and model fair play. Make sure your child understands the importance of playing honorably.
  • Teach and model fair-mindedness by being fair and by being open to ideas, suggestions and opinions of others.


  • Teach and model compassion for others. Discourage selfishness. In your relations with players, coaches, referees/umpires/officials, and other parents treat others the way you would want to be treated.
  • Help to assure that your child’s experience is one of fun and enjoyment. Correct and instruct in constructive ways. Be generous with your praise when it is deserved. Tell all players when they have done something well. Cheer both teams to demonstrate appreciation for the effort of the players.
  • Demonstrate sincere interest in your child’s play and support the team.


  • Teach and model the importance of obeying laws and rules as an obligation of citizenship. Teach how unfair it is for some people to play by the rules while others don’t.
  • Teach and model respect for the environment and the obligation to contribute to the greater good.

Wheaton Lacrosse

Code of Conduct for Players


  • Act so people can trust you.
  • Be completely honest. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Don’t be sneaky or tricky. Don’t do things behind people’s back. Don’t cheat or steal.
  • Don’t do anything you think is wrong. Have integrity. Stand up for your beliefs. Be your best self. Show commitment and courage.
  • Keep your promises. Do what you said you will do when you said you would do it. Return when you borrow.
  • Don’t spread rumors or gossip that would hurt others. Stand by your family, friends and your team but don’t do anything wrong to get or keep a friendship. Don’t ask a friend to do something wrong.


  • Treat opponents, teammates, referees/umpires/officials, and others with respect and courtesy. Do not use insults, negative cheers or name-calling to put anyone down. Don’t yell at or make fun of any person. Be polite. Use “please”, “thank you” and “excuse me”.
  • Be positive. Help people get better, be constructive.
  • Be on time. Remember others are relying on you.
  • Treat all people as individuals. Be tolerant of people’s differences. Never make statements out of prejudice.
  • Listen to others. Respect their opinions and their right to have a different opinion than yours.
  • Don’t use violence to settle disputes. Don’t hit, shove or threaten to hurt anyone.


  • Think before you act. Think about consequences, how your actions today can affect you and others in the future.
  • Take responsibility for the consequences of your choices. Don’t blame others for what you did or take credit that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Set a good example in everything you do.
  • Do your best. Don’t quit. Make all you do worthy of pride. Remember, your character is shown by how you play the game, not by whether you win or lose.
  • Always control yourself. Do not lose your temper. Don’t throw things, scream, hit others, or use bad language.
  • Do your duty. Do what you should do even when it is hard or you don’t want to do it.
  • Be a good sport. Win and lose with grace – – don’t brag when you win or complain about and make excuses when you lose.


  • Play fair and with honor. Play by the rules. Never cheat.
  • Give everyone a fair chance.


  • Be kind and caring. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t be mean, cruel or uncaring of others’ feelings.
  • Think of the team. Think of others. Don’t be selfish on the field or off it.


  • Obey laws and rules. Remember it is unfair for some people to play by the rules while others don’t.
  • Listen to your coaches, referees/officials/umpires and your parents. Respect authority.
  • Do your share. Help your team and your community. Protect the environment.

Wheaton Lacrosse

Field Guidelines

Field Use Guidelines

  1.  If the lacrosse field is unplayable, it should not be used to avoid serious damage. Unplayable means: “standing water on the field” or during and after a heavy rain.
  2. Check the field for holes or any foreign objects and report any maintenance repair to the Wheaton Park District.
  3. Practice in the goal area is prohibited.
  4. Climbing the goal posts is prohibited.
  5. Moving lacrosse goals from one field to another is prohibited.
  6. Vehicles are prohibited on all fields.
  7. Please return all equipment that is used from the boxes.  If anything is missing or broken contact the Wheaton Park District.
  8. Leave the field/park cleaner than you found it.
  9. ***Important*** For any accident or incident the Wheaton Park District Accident/Incident Form (PDF) needs to be filled out immediately and returned to the Wheaton Park District Office within 24 hours.
  10. No alcoholic beverages permitted in the park.  The use of tobacco products, smoking or chewing is prohibited on the playing field, including the area surrounding the player area.
  11. Please be courteous of homeowners property when attending games, i.e. parking and trespassing.

Wheaton Lacrosse

Field Locations

The fields listed below are commonly used by WPD Youth Lacrosse for practices and games, for maps or driving directions click on the “Mapquest” link.

Lucent Field
2650 Lucent Lane
Lisle, IL 60532

Graf Park
1855 Manchester Rd.
Wheaton, IL 60187

Seven Gables Park
1750 Naperville Rd.
Wheaton, IL 60187

Wheaton North High School
701 W. Thomas
Wheaton, IL 60187

Wheaton Warrenville South High School
1993 Tiger Trail
Wheaton, IL 60187

Wheaton Lacrosse


No Camps available at this time, please check back.

Photo Gallery

Please check back for more photos to be added.

Wheaton Lacrosse


Professional Training Staff
Select teams will have trainers to help lead and develop players during practices and games. Parent managers will be needed to support the trainers. Please review travel evaluation dates.

Employment Opportunities
Visit the Wheaton Park District employment and volunteer portal to see available opportunities

All Wheaton Park District coaches must be America Sports Education Program (ASEP) certified and pass criminal background checks.


The Wheaton Park District is always looking for dedicated volunteers!  If you are interested in coaching or volunteering in any way for the Wheaton Lacrosse program, please contact:

Darrell Houston
1777 S. Blanchard Rd.
Wheaton, IL 60189


Wheaton Lacrosse

Contact Us

Wheaton Park District Contact:

Darrell Houston
1777 S. Blanchard Rd.
Wheaton, IL 60189



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