Registration now open for 2019 Fall Soccer!


Registration is open for 2019 Fall Soccer!

Fall Season: August 12-October 12 | Grades: K-8 | Location: Seven Gables Park

Game & practice times vary.

Fee: $70R/$83NR

Sign up now to guarantee placement on a team. Teams are now forming, register today!

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Corec Leagues Program# Registration
Pee-Wee (4-5yrs) 414203-01 Desktop Mobile
Kindergarten 414330-01 Desktop Mobile
1st Grade 414331-01 Desktop Mobile
2nd Grade 414332-01 Desktop Mobile
3rd Grade 414333-01 Desktop Mobile
4th Grade 414334-01 Desktop Mobile
5th Grade 414335-01 Desktop Mobile
6th Grade 414336-01 Desktop Mobile
7th Grade 414337-01 Desktop Mobile
8th Grade 414338-01 Desktop Mobile
banner image with photo of girls playing soccer and the text "GIRLS" overlaying the image
Girls Leagues Program# Registration
Kindergarten 414340-01 Desktop Mobile
1st Grade 414341-01 Desktop Mobile
2nd Grade 414342-01 Desktop Mobile
3rd Grade 414343-01 Desktop Mobile
4th Grade 414344-01 Desktop Mobile
5th Grade 414345-01 Desktop Mobile
6th Grade 414346-01 Desktop Mobile
7th Grade 414347-01 Desktop Mobile
8th Grade 414348-01 Desktop Mobile

Season Schedule
The season will run from August 12-October 12. There will be no games August 31 over Labor Day weekend. All games are played on Saturdays at Seven Gables Park. The first games of the season will start on Saturday, August 24.

Practice Schedule
Practices will begin the week of August 12 (weather permitting). There will be two weeks of practices before the first game on Saturday, August 24. Practice days, times and locations are selected by the volunteer coaches.

Teammate and Coach Requests
When you register, you will be prompted to submit those requests at that time. We cannot guarantee all requests so please get them in as soon as possible.

Become a volunteer for the soccer program! All teams need coaches and we’ll provide you with the training. If you are interested in coaching or getting involved as an assistant, please mark that on your registration form.

Our Goal

Wheaton SoccerWheaton has become a great soccer town, and even though many changes have taken place over the years, the original goal remains the same…to have fun! Achieving the goals and objectives we have for young players requires a cooperative effort involving parents, coaches, referees and the Wheaton Park District staff.

In an effort to lower the level of intensity on the field, soccer coaches are asked to keep their comments on game day to a minimum. The behavior of parents, spectators and coaches can make or break a child’s soccer experience. Please show good sportsmanship and offer only positive reinforcement. Please remember nobody wins or loses, because we don’t keep score. Our program emphasizes fun, sportsmanship, and skill development.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy for the corec and girls’ program places emphasis on skill, tactics, sportsmanship and fun. Everyone is guaranteed a chance to play more than a quarter of each game and the opportunity to play each position at least once during the season. The goal is to provide an enjoyable, safe atmosphere where children learn respect, sportsmanship and specific soccer skills.


Character Counts Expectations

Wheaton Soccer


  • Learn and know the rules of the sport in which you are participating.
  • Treat opponents as you would like to be treated.
  • Do not make negative comments about opposing participants, coaches or officials.
  • Respect the judgment and integrity of game officials.
  • Do not use profane or obscene language or gestures.
  • Always remember that it is a privilege to represent the park district and community.


  • Remember athletics are learning experiences for children and that sometimes mistakes are made.
  • When players are working hard, they need and deserve everyone’s best POSITIVE encouragement and support.  They need to know you’re there and that their effort is appreciated.
  • Be respectful, interested, enthusiastic, and supportive of opposing players, coaches and spectators.
  • Respect the judgment and integrity of game officials.
  • Control your emotions.
  • Appreciates a good play no matter who makes it.
  • Applauds positive performances; does not heckle, jeer or distract players.
  • Recognize the efforts of all who participate in the contest.
  • Respects the judgment and strategy of the coach and do not criticize players or coaches for a loss of a game.
  • Do not coach players for the sidelines.  Give players, coaches and referees room to work.
  • Do not make negative comments about participants, coaches or officials.
  • Support the program. Get involved by volunteering, helping with fundraisers, car-pooling or however else you can.
  • Do not use profane or obscene language or gestures.
  • Remember, IT IS ONLY A GAME!  Don’t forget, your attitude on the sidelines can affect the mood and success of the team.


  • Exemplify the highest moral character, behavior and leadership, adhering to strong ethical standards of integrity.
  • Set a good example for players and spectators to follow.
  • Shake hands with the officials and opposing coaches before or after the athletic contest.
  • Display modesty in victory and gracious in defeat.
  • Teach sportsmanship.
  • Respect the integrity and personality of the individual athlete.
  • Set a good example by refraining from arguments and objectionable or profane language, physical gestures and behavior.
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.
  • Treat athletics with respect, avoid negative comments stated with sarcasm and ridicule.
  • Praise players for participating.
  • Set realistic and reasonable expectations.
  • Emphasize teamwork and help participants think “we” instead of “me.”


  • Knows the rules and their interpretations.
  • Places welfare of the participants above all other considerations.
  • Treats players and coaches courteously and demands the same from them.
  • Works cooperatively with fellow officials, timers and / or scorers for an efficient contest.
  • Is fair and firm in all decisions, never compensating for a previous mistake.
  • Maintains confidence, poise and self-control from start to finish.

Team Formation Policy

Wheaton SoccerIn-House Athletic (Non-Board) League Team Formation Guidelines (Effective for 2015 and beyond)
Wheaton Park District Athletic Department personnel will use the below system to equitably form In-House Athletic League Teams. Please note, requests are not guaranteed.

  1. Volunteer coaches children will be placed first (Limit two (2) official coaches per team; one head coach and one assistant coach).
  2. When registering, participants can select their top friend or coach request. (Limit 1)
  3. When registering, participants can select a secondary friend or coach request, in the event the first request could not be accommodated. (Limit 1)
  4. Participants will then be placed on teams by the school that they attend.
  5. Finally, participants will be placed by geographic location. For example, schools near one another; Northeast, Northwest, Southeast or Southwest quadrants of Wheaton or surrounding communities that are closest to these quadrants.

When forming teams, the Athletic Department will make every attempt not to exceed double the number of participants that can play on the court or field at one time. For example; five players play at one time on the basketball court; so the team roster will not exceed 10 players.

Note: Requests are not guaranteed. If two players have the same request and only one request can be granted, we will grant the request to the first person to register, based on the date and time of registration.

Limits are double the number on the field at a time. This ensures that each player will get to play at least half of the game (example: 5v5 max. # is 10).

Soccer Formats:

Grade Limit Format
Pee Wee 14 2-4v4
Kindergarten 14 4v4
1st Grade 12 6v6
2nd Grade 14 7v7
3rd Grade 14 7v7
4th Grade 14 7v7
5th Grade 16 9v9
6th Grade 16 9v9
7-8th Grade 17 11v11

Rules & Formats


Jerseys are available in mesh…$20

Mesh Soccer Jersey

You may purchase the Universal Soccer Shirt at either of the locations listed below:

Community Center
1777 S. Blanchard Rd.
Phone: 630-690-4880

Mon-Fri from 5A-10P
Sat from 7A-7P
Sun from 8A-6P

Field Locations

Briar Knoll Park
500 Tennyson Dr, Wheaton, IL

Briar Patch Park
1700 Briarcliffe Blvd, Wheaton, IL

Brighton Park
1297 Brighton Dr, Wheaton, IL

Chatham Park
1913 Chatham Dr, Wheaton, IL

Edison Middle School
1125 S. Wheaton, Wheaton, IL

Emerson Elementary School
119 S.Woodlawn St., Wheaton, IL

Graf Park
1855 Manchester Rd, Wheaton, IL

Hawthorne Elementary School
334 Wakeman Ave., Wheaton, IL

Madison Park
1321 Creekside Dr, Wheaton, IL

Northside Park
1300 N West St, Wheaton, IL

Seven Gables Park
1750 S Naperville Rd, Wheaton, IL

Washington Elementary School
911 Bridle Lane Wheaton, IL


Wheaton Soccer

To Register Online:
Please note: the Wheaton Park District has converted to a new registration software system. To help us gather accurate information, please stop in or call the Community Center at 630.690.4880 to update your household information and/or to add family members who have not yet participated in programs or activities.

To register for programs, click on the button below to be taken to the Wheaton Park District’s online registration system.



Who is coaching our child?
All inhouse soccer teams are coached by volunteers and are trained by the park district using the Coaching Youth Sports Course. The emphasis is on the child, development, learning and having fun. Overall, the park district philosophy is “athletes first, winning second.”

What equipment is needed?

  • Wheaton Park District universal soccer shirt and shin guards are required and must be purchased by participants.
  • FIFA regulation socks (socks that completely cover the shin guards)
  • All purpose athletic soccer shoes with rubber cleats or gym shoes.
  • While not required for your child to participate, it is strongly recommended that each player have his/her own soccer ball, clearly marked with name, address and phone number. PeeWee and Kindergarten use #3 soccer ball and grades 1-4 use #4 soccer ball; grades 5-8 use #5 soccer ball.

Where and when are practices?
The first two weeks are set aside for practice at various parks and school sites. Teams meet no more than twice a week. Practice time and location are set by the coaches since they volunteer their time. Players are contacted by coaches after they have been assigned to a team.

When and where are games played?
Games are played on Saturday morning and afternoon at Seven Gables Park. Make-ups and rescheduled games may be played on any day of the week depending upon each team’s availability.

When is the first practice?
Coaches inform players of their first practice. If you don’t receive a phone call from your coach, please call our office at 630.690.4880.

Who will answer my questions?
Ask your coach first. If he/she is unable to answer your question, please contact Darrell Houston
at 630-510-5129.


Wheaton Soccer
For details about current practice and game schedules, please contact:

Darrell Houston
Athletic Supervisor
Wheaton Park District

Office: 630-510-5129


Coach’s Corner

Field Use Guidelines

Outdoor Youth Soccer Field Use Guidelines (PDF)

Code of Ethics
The Wheaton Park District supports six core ethical values comprising good character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship in every aspect of the game.

Preseason Team Meeting Template

Preseason Letter Template

Season Plans

Click on any file below to view plans for a specific league.

Planning your practices

Referee Information

Wheaton SoccerCome work with us and learn how to be a referee for your local park district. We’ll focus on the basics of being a referee or assistant referee (linesperson). We’ll go over the rules and how to “call” a soccer game. This position is appropriate for teenagers and adults. So if you love the game of soccer and want to get more involved, come join us!

When to Apply
Indoor Season: December
Spring Season: February-March
Fall Season: July-August

Job postings will only be available during the month(s) listed above.

Apply Now

Referee Schedule

Please check back for an updated schedule.

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