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Who is coaching our child?
All inhouse soccer teams are coached by volunteers and are trained by the park district using the Coaching Youth Sports Course. The emphasis is on the child, development, learning and having fun. Overall, the park district philosophy is “athletes first, winning second.”

What equipment is needed?

  • Wheaton Park District universal soccer shirt and shin guards are required and must be purchased by participants.
  • FIFA regulation socks (socks that completely cover the shin guards)
  • All purpose athletic soccer shoes with rubber cleats or gym shoes.
  • While not required for your child to participate, it is strongly recommended that each player have his/her own soccer ball, clearly marked with name, address and phone number. PeeWee and Kindergarten use #3 soccer ball and grades 1-4 use #4 soccer ball; grades 5-8 use #5 soccer ball.

Where and when are practices?
The first two weeks are set aside for practice at various parks and school sites. Teams meet no more than twice a week. Practice time and location are set by the coaches since they volunteer their time. Players are contacted by coaches after they have been assigned to a team.

When and where are games played?
Games are played on Saturday morning and afternoon at Seven Gables Park. Make-ups and rescheduled games may be played on any day of the week depending upon each team’s availability.

When is the first practice?
Coaches inform players of their first practice. If you don’t receive a phone call from your coach, please call our office at 630.690.4880.

Who will answer my questions?
Ask your coach first. If he/she is unable to answer your question, please contact Darrell Houston
at 630-510-5129.


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