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Outdoor Soccer Safety Guidelines

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Outdoor Soccer Safety Guidelines

Safety includes the protection of our outdoor surroundings, as well as the participants. All coaches, referees and soccer staff are responsible for insuring the safety of field playing conditions at all times during scheduled play.

Storm Policy

  • In the event of lightning or thunder (treat thunder as lightning), all games and practices must be delayed until safe conditions are apparent.
  • No player, parent or coach is to remain on the field or grass.
  • Wait 30 minutes for audible thunder or visible lightning before resuming the game. Each time new thunder or lightning is observed; the clock starts again for 30 minutes.
  • On game days, site supervisors will notify you of cancelled games. At your practices follow the guidelines above.
  • Please take immediate action and direct spectators, participants and volunteers to safety. Do not play at all on any grass – go to safety!
  • Do not allow minors to go home without parents or guardians.

The Rainout Line can help you discern if fields have closed for the day.

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