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Vipers (3rd-6th) and Thunder (4th-6th) are for participants looking for more competitive basketball. Players in 7th and 8th grade who will be attending Wheaton North or Wheaton Warrenville South will be playing in our feeder program.

The Wheaton Park District’s goal is to provide Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South players with high fundamental and skill development in a competitive atmosphere while emphasizing safety, fun, and sportsmanship.

Tryouts will be held in August and hosted by Three Level Basketball. We offer two dates for tryouts to accommodate all participant’s schedules. Both sessions are not mandatory, but we highly recommended attendance at both if possible.

Teams will be selected after tryouts are completed. Evaluations are done by Three Level Basketball who evaluate dribbling, shooting, defense, and basketball IQ. Teams will then be split up into A, B, or C teams depending on the amount of players during tryouts.

October through late February or early March depending on when playoffs are for your division.

Practices will be held at either the Central Athletic Complex, Wheaton Park District Community Center, or Wheaton middle & elementary schools. Each team will receive two practices a week.

Teams will receive 14-20 league games through the DYTBL depending on how many teams are in that division. Teams will also be entered into tournaments, shootouts, and playoffs throughout the season to get each team a minimum of 25 total games. All teams make the playoffs which will end the season in late February or early March.

The cost is $590/$737. Player cost will cover DYTBL team fee, uniforms (warmup shirts, coaches gear, home & away jersey/shorts), tournaments, shootouts, officiating, and practices/games space.

At Three Level Basketball, our mission is to empower aspiring boy and girl basketball players of all ages to reach their highest potential on and off the court. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled, high-end basketball training that cultivates not only exceptional skills but also instills the values of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, personalized coaching, and cutting-edge techniques, we aim to shape the next generation of basketball stars. In doing so, helping them soar to new heights and achieve their potential. Our passion for the game drives us to create a transformative learning environment, where athletes develop the confidence and skills necessary to excel in basketball and in life. At Three Level Basketball, we don’t just teach the game; this will empower players to reach their highest potential on and off the basketball court.

Our Core Values:

Player-Centric Approach: We place the needs and goals of our players at the forefront of everything we do. We tailor our training programs to address individual strengths and weaknesses, ensuring holistic development.

Expert Coaching: Our experienced coaches bring a wealth of basketball knowledge and teaching expertise to each session. We are dedicated to instilling the fundamentals, advanced techniques, and basketball IQ needed to succeed at any level of play.

Passion for Excellence: We inspire our players to strive for greatness by instilling a strong work ethic, discipline, and a growth mindset. We believe that continuous improvement is the key to achieving one’s highest potential.

Teamwork and Sportsmanship: Beyond individual skill development, we emphasize the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. We foster a positive and inclusive environment where players learn to collaborate and respect one another.

Innovation and Adaptability: The world of basketball is constantly evolving, and we stay at the forefront of industry trends and training methodologies. We adapt our programs to reflect the latest advancements, ensuring our players stay ahead of the game.

Character Development: Basketball is more than just a sport; it’s a platform for personal growth. We focus on developing character, instilling values such as perseverance, resilience, and integrity, which extend far beyond the court.

With unwavering dedication to these principles, Three Level Basketball is committed to being a beacon of excellence in basketball skill training. We aspire to produce well-rounded athletes who not only excel in the game of basketball but also in life. Together, we aim to create a brighter, more skilled future for the basketball community.

Yes, Vince Doran and Three Level Basketball works with all of our teams to offer skill trainings throughout the season.

Yes, the team store is for all Vipers, Thunder, Wheaton North, and Wheaton South teams.

8th WWS Yorke Basketball 2024

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Interested in supporting youth basketball?

Please contact Adam Lewandowski, Superintendent of Athletic Programs & Facilities at 630.510.5141 or [email protected].

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