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Boys Teams

Location: Seven Gables Park

Description Dates Day Time Register
2016 Team (U8) 4/20 Th 4:30-6P 213314-01
2015 Team (U9) 4/24-4/25 M, Tu 4:30-6P 213314-02
2014 Team (U10) 4/26-4/27 W, Th 4:30-6P 213314-03
2013 Team (U11) 4/24-4/25 M, Tu 4:30-6P 213314-04
2012 Team (U12) 4/24-4/25 M, Tu 6-7:30P 213314-05
2011 Team (U13) 4/26-4/27 W, Th 4:30-6P 213314-06
2010 Team (U14) 4/26-4/27 W, Th 6-7:30P 213314-07
2009 Team (U15) 5/3-5/4 W, Th 5-6:30P 213314-08
2008 Team (U16) 5/3-5/4 W, Th 6:30-8P 213314-09
2007 Team (U17) 5/3-5/4 W, Th 6:30-8P 213314-10
2006 Team (U18) 5/3-5/4 W, Th 6:30-8P 213314-11
2005 Team (U19) 5/3-5/4 W, Th 6:30-8P 213314-12

Girls Teams

Location: Seven Gables Park

Description Dates Day Time Register
2016 Team (U8) 5/1 M 4:30-6P 213314-13
2015 Team (U9) 5/1-5/2 M, Tu 4:30-6P 213314-14
2014 Team (U10) 5/1-5/2 M, Tu 4:30-6P 213314-15
2013 Team (U11) 5/3-5/4 W, Th 4:30-6P 213314-16
2012 Team (U12) 5/1-5/2 M, Tu 6-7:30P 213314-17
2011 Team (U13) 5/3-5/4 W, Th 4:30-6P 213314-18
2010 Team (U14) 5/3-5/4 W, Th 6-7:30P 213314-19
2008/09 Team (U15/U16) 5/6-5/7 Sa, Su 4:30-6P 213314-21
2007 Team (U17) 5/6-5/7 Sa, Su 6-7:30P 213314-22
2006 Team (U18) 5/6-5/7 Sa, Su 6-7:30P 213314-23
2005 Team (U19) 5/6-5/7 Sa, Su 6-7:30P 213314-24

What’s involved with Wheaton United Soccer?

Club soccer is for focused, highly motivated, dedicated players, who want to experience the enjoyment and developmental benefits that come from:

  • professional coaching
  • age- and ability appropriate developmental curriculum
  • training and competing with and against other focused, motivated, ability appropriate soccer players.

Competitive players train regularly to develop soccer skills and training habits that will enable them to acquire a sense of mastery and competence (with a focus on long-term rather than short-term development), and to compete successfully in inter-club competitions. Character, integrity, and teamwork are cornerstones of Wheaton United’s program.

What age group should players try out for?

Players are encouraged to tryout for their age group based on their birth year. If a coach has asked your player to try out for a different birth year or if you would like them to try out for a different birth year, please indicate that on your tryout registration.

How do players know which level team to try out for?

Tryouts for all team levels will be held at the same field at the same time.  During the tryout process, the coaches will focus on determining where players will be most appropriately placed (i.e., where they will most likely have the best opportunity to develop and experience success). Coaches will often move players around in various combinations over the course of the tryouts. The ultimate decision about each player’s placement will be left up to the coaches and club directors.

When and where are tryouts?

The tryout schedule will be published during the registration period. On tryouts that have two days, current and new players should plan to attend both days. If they are unable to attend both days, please notify the coach and/or club directors. Tryouts will take place on outdoor fields throughout Wheaton. Exact tryout locations and additional details will be provided after completing registration.

How do players sign up for tryouts?

Registration is completed through the Wheaton Park District website. More information will be provided closer to tryouts.

What should players bring to tryouts?

Players should wear cleats and shin guards and bring a soccer ball and water bottle. Clean, sanitized pinnies may be handed out to wear during tryouts.

Parents and guardians do not need to be present at tryouts. Those who wish to stay and watch are welcome to do so.

How are players evaluated?

Coaches evaluate players on their current physical ability (speed, agility, strength, etc), technical ability (dribble, pass, trap, etc), and tactical awareness (positioning, movement, etc). We also assess intangibles such as work ethic, interactions with other players, and coachability. Coaches will keep current Wheaton United players’ overall body of play in mind when evaluating their team placement.

What if a player is sick or injured during tryouts?

If a player is sick or injured during tryouts, please contact a club director or your coach if your player is currently with Wheaton United.

How is inclement weather handled?

Tryouts will take place rain or shine. However, if there are torrential rains, high wind or unusually stormy conditions, we may need to cancel/reschedule a tryout.  We will share any changes or updates to all registrants via email.

When will I know which team my son or daughter is on?

Wheaton United coaches meet after every tryout to determine the best fit for each player and team. Coaches will notify you via phone and/or email of your player’s placement within a few days of tryouts.

What are the costs?

Families are charged fees annually based on their player(s) age group and team level. Fees cover league registration fees, tournament fees, coaching, travel, field rentals, referees, administration, etc. Fees may be paid in full or on a 4 payment plan.

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