We are all committed to provide high quality, safe playing surfaces for our multi-use athletic facilities, but we need the help and consideration of all user groups in protecting the turf from excessive damage due to game and practice activities. The turf grass is the safety surface for the athletic fields.

During the spring before soil temperatures are warm the roots of grass are shallow and the blades are still dormant, any twisting or turning on the turf can cause damage. Therefore, the turf can be easily damaged with heavy play and little moisture due to the shallowness of roots.

The following athletic areas open for the season for practice, weather permitting, on:

  • Baseball/ Softball : April 1st
  • All Athletic Turf Grass Fields: April 10th

All Athletic Turf Grass fields will open for the season for games the Third Weekend in April.

If any of the following conditions occur, scheduled games and practices must be canceled or postponed.

  1. Standing water on the field of play.
  2. Soil Saturation:
    1. Walking on turf causes water to surface
    2. Walking on turf on heels causes indentations
    3. One inch or more of rain 48 hours prior to scheduled game or practices accompanied by steady rain on game or practice day.
    4. Steady downpour of rain on game or practice day which could cause damage to turf or injury to participants.
  3. Extreme drought conditions where 50% of the playing surface has turned dormant.
  4. Audible thunder or visible lightning.
  5. Visibility (darkness)

All coaches, referees, and umpires are responsible for insuring the safety of field playing conditions at all times during the scheduled play. Safety implies protection of the resource, as well as the participants.

The turf cannot withstand the pounding early in the season while it is still getting itself established. This includes not scheduling tournaments early in the spring. No tournament should be scheduled before May 15. This is a date that can be used as benchmark allowing heavier use as temperatures are warmer and turf is more established.

Wheaton Park District
Board of Commissioners
Adopted: April 17, 2002
Revised: June 15, 2011

  1. Check the field for holes or any foreign objects and report any maintenance repair to the Wheaton Park District.
  2. Practice in the goal area is prohibited.
  3. Climbing the goal posts is prohibited.
  4. Moving soccer goals from one field to another is prohibited. See Soccer Goal Policy (PDF).
  5. Vehicles are prohibited on all fields.
  6. Please return all equipment that is used from the boxes. If anything is missing or broken contact the Wheaton Park District.
  7. Leave the field/park cleaner than you found it.
  8. ***Important*** For any accident or incident the Wheaton Park District Accident/Incident Form (PDF) needs to be filled out immediately and returned to the Wheaton Park District Office within 24 hours.
  9. No alcoholic beverages permitted in the park. The use of tobacco products, smoking or chewing is prohibited on the playing field, including the area surrounding the player area.
  10. Please be courteous of homeowners’ property when attending games, i.e. parking and trespassing.

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