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Spring Classic

2019 Spring Classic

The Wheaton Wings Soccer Club will host the 8th Annual Wheaton Wings Spring Classic tournament in 2019. We appreciate all of the support we have received in the local community and the greater soccer community.

This tournament is unrestricted. Teams registered in good standing with any U.S. Soccer Federation affiliate are eligible to apply.

Tournament Details

Registration not currently open for 2019. Please check back for details and documents to be posted.


This tournament has a maximum of 200 teams.  Teams are accepted based on competition level. We are looking for teams that are at the competition level comparable to the league divisions below:

Birth Year Age Boys* Girls**
2011 U8 Silver, Bronze, Red, Blue Teams Any Teams: 5v5 or 7v7
2010 U9 Gold, Silver, Bronze, Red to Orange Teams B, C & D Teams
2009 U10 Platinum & Gold, Bronze to Blue Teams B, C & D Teams
2008 U11 Gold & Silver, Bronze to White Teams Low AB, B, C & D Teams
2007 U12 Gold & Silver, Red to White Teams AB & B, C & D Teams
2006 U13 Bronze, Red and White Teams A & B or C & D Teams
2005 U14 Silver & Bronze Teams B, C & D Teams
2004 U15 Silver & Bronze Teams B, C & D Teams

*Based on NISL fall 2018 divisions
**Based on IWSL fall 2018 divisions


All players and teams must be members of US Club, IYSA or State Association and have a current USYSA player ID. Out-of-state teams must have travel permits approved by the their State Association. USYSA travel procedures will be followed.


Medals will go to the first and second place teams in each age division.


All teams are guaranteed three games.  Games will begin Friday night.  Games will be played by the following timing rules:  U8 = 2 x 20 min halves. U9-U12 = 2 x 25 min halves.  U13-U15 = 2 x 30 min halves.  Halftime will be five minutes in length.  All games will be played with a running clock.

Entry Fee

Please check back for entry fees to be posted.


Application deadlines will be posted in early 2019. Check or money order made payable to “Wheaton Park District” should be mailed to:

Wheaton Park District
Attn: Toni Giovenco
1777 S. Blanchard St.
Wheaton, IL 60189

Scores & Schedules

20122013 | 20142015 | 201620172018


For more information or to support this event, please contact:

Wheaton Wings Soccer Club
Attn: Toni Giovenco, Athletic Manager
Wheaton Park District
1777 S. Blanchard, Wheaton, IL  60189
Phone: 630-510-5016
Email: tgiovenco@wheatonparks.org



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Athletic Department
Wheaton Park District
1777 S Blanchard St, Wheaton, IL 60189
Phone: 630-668-3371