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Player Selection

How is a Player Selected for a Wings team?

Open Tryouts

Open tryouts are held in the beginning of May for the boys and at the end of May for the girls. The tryouts include drills designed to test soccer skills and a scrimmage with the other players. All players who are interested in playing for the Wheaton Wings must attend tryouts. Players should attend both days to allow trainers to best see your son/daughters abilities. Tryout participants are notified within 24 hours of the tryout if they are selected for a team. Once they have been notified, they will have 24 hours to accept the position on the team by putting a nonrefundable deposit down. Trainers from Future Pros administer the tryouts and choose the players.

Wheaton Wings allow up to 20% nonresident participation on a team if needed. All players must preregister to tryout!

Supplemental tryouts can be requested at any time during the season. If your son or daughter is interested in a supplemental tryout, please contact Toni Giovenco, Athletic Manager at 630-510-5016 or email tgiovenco@wheatonparks.org. A supplemental tryout will only be granted if a Wheaton Wings team has available roster position at the age group of the requesting player. If a position is available, we will set up a supplemental tryout with a trainer.



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