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The Wheaton Wings Soccer club is dedicated to developing soccer players both mentally and physically in a community-based, competitive environment preparing them for high school play and beyond. Our focus is on the player as a whole, encouraging sportsmanship and teamwork, developing leadership skills and individual athletic skills in a fun but competitive environment.

The Wheaton Wings Competitive Soccer Club has contracted the training services to one of the top training organizations in Northern Illinois, the Future Pros Inc. The Future Pros training organization has adopted the player development curriculum of US Soccer. It is our goal to use the guidelines outlined by US Soccer to develop individual players. Our trainers bring their extensive experience of playing and coaching in Europe and South America to the players of the Wheaton Wings Soccer Club. Our goal is to create a challenging practice environment where the player is stimulated and mentored to reach higher levels of the game according to his or her abilities. The training sessions are age appropriate and focus on skill development as well as tactical preparation for the games. Our trainers create sessions to cover the main principles of the game:


Develop individual foot skills
Learn how to use these skills with speed as an attacking principle
Develop passing skills with changes in movement to beat pressure
Positioning and awareness


Develop defensive awareness
Develop pressure concepts as a defensive tool
Develop defensive strategies
Pressure , cover and balance (individual and group)

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Wheaton Park District
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Phone: 630-668-3371