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Download FAQs 2017-18 (PDF) or see below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Question: What is the mission of the Wheaton Wings Competitive Soccer Club?
Answer: The Wheaton Wings Soccer club is dedicated to developing soccer players both mentally and physically in a community-based, competitive environment preparing them for high school play and beyond. Our focus is on the player as a whole, encouraging sportsmanship and teamwork, developing leadership skills and individual athletic skills in a fun but competitive environment .

Question: Who are the Wheaton Wings?
Answer: The Wheaton Wings Competitive Travel Soccer Club is the Wheaton community competitive traveling soccer club. The Wheaton Wings were in existence from 1978 until the fall of 2003 and were brought back in the fall of 2008 after the Wheaton Park District received overwhelming interest from residents to start a new competitive soccer club. The Wheaton Wings were brought back in order to play competitive soccer against other “select” traveling clubs in northern Illinois. All Wheaton Wings teams have first priority on soccer field space for practices and games. Wheaton Wings players practice close to home and at times can even ride their bike to practice depending on where they live. If fields close due to poor conditions, indoor space will be offered to Wheaton Wings teams to train when it is available. Wheaton Wings teams are trained and coached by the Future Pros professional training company. The Wings will field U8 to U18 girls’ teams to compete in the Illinois Women’s Soccer League (IWSL), and U8 to U18 boys’ teams to compete in the Northern Illinois Soccer League (NISL). Team rosters are finalized in June to compete in the following fall and spring seasons.

Question: When will tryout participants know if they made the team or not?
Answer: Tryout results will be posted by noon the next day after the last day of the tryouts. Tryout participants can look on the Wheaton Wings website to see if they were selected for the team. Tryout participants will need to remember their tryout number as that is how they will know if they made the team. Tryout results will be posted on Wheaton Wings announcements page at

Question: What are the colors of the Wheaton Wings?
Answer: The club will have a Yellow Jersey, a Black Jersey, Black short and Black/White sock.

Question: Who will be supplying the professional training staff and what are their qualifications?
Answer: Each Wheaton Wings team is provided advanced training from a professional licensed staff member of the Future Pros organization. The Future Pros Organization is run by program director Ruben Stivan. Trainers will plan and run all training sessions. Trainers will coach at all allotted games that are part of the registration fee. Parent Assistant Coaches will assist trainers as needed at training sessions and games. Future Pros has been successfully providing training programs for soccer players of all ages and skill levels for over the past 20+ years. Throughout the years, Future Pros has been providing the latest methodologies of soccer training. The Future Pros has adopted the player development curriculum of US Soccer. It is their goal to use the guidelines outlined by US Soccer to develop individual players. The Future Pros trainers bring their extensive experience of playing and coaching in Europe and South America to the players of the Wheaton Wings Soccer Club. The Wheaton Wings Soccer Club and the Future Pros goal is to create a challenging practice environment where the player is stimulated and mentored to reach higher levels of the game according to his or her abilities.

To see the qualifications of these trainers, please visit the Wheaton Wings Soccer Club website at:

Question: Who are the parent assistant coaches and what are the qualifications to be a parent assistant coach?
Answer: A parent assistant coach is a volunteer coach that may or may not have a child on the team. The parent assistant coach will be required to be at one training session a week, and attend all games. The parent assistant coach will work closely with the assigned professional trainer. The parent assistant coach will assist the professional trainer at training sessions and games. The parent assistant coach is required to have a minimum of a USSF “E” Coaching License. At older age levels, a higher level coach’s license may be required. This license is required by the leagues in order to get a coach’s pass, and to coach on the side line. This is important because there may be times that trainers are stuck in traffic or coming from another Wheaton Wings game and the parent assistant coach may need to fill in. To sign up to attend the class to get a USSF “E” Coaching License, please go to the IYSA website:

Question: Do you need parent managers and what are they responsible for?
Answer: Each Wheaton Wings team will need a parent manager. The parent manager is one of the key parts of the puzzle of success for the team. The parent manager’s main responsibility is communication. The parent manager will need to communicate with the Wheaton Park District, the Professional Trainer, Parent Assistant Coach, the league, and the tournament directors. The parent manager will be responsible to get the word out when a practice is cancelled or moved. The parent manager will deal with other clubs in rescheduling a league game, report that change to the league/ referee assigner, and then make sure all team members are aware of the change. The parent manager will confirm each game, home and away. The parent manager will get directions to away sites, and give it out to each player. The parent manager will provide information to be put on the Wheaton Wings website and Facebook page.

Question: If there are enough players, will there be more than one team in an age group?
Answer: It’s possible! If we have enough talented players to field two or three teams, we will. Then it depends on if we have enough players that commit to each team.

Question: When are the games played?
Answer: Games are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, make up games during the week.

Question: What happens if I miss practices and games?
Answer: It’s hard to progress as a player, and as a team when you miss practices and games. This is a competitive travel program, and we expect a full commitment from all players. Playing time maybe affected if you miss practices and games.

Question: If I play for the Wheaton Wings, can I also play In-House Soccer?
Answer: No, the leagues do not allow players to be on more then one team.


If you have additional questions, please contact Toni Giovenco, Athletic Manager at 630-510-5016 or email

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