Wheaton SoccerIn-House Athletic (Non-Board) League Team Formation Guidelines (Effective for 2015 and beyond)
Wheaton Park District Athletic Department personnel will use the below system to equitably form In-House Athletic League Teams. Please note, requests are not guaranteed.

  1. Volunteer coaches children will be placed first (Limit two (2) official coaches per team; one head coach and one assistant coach).
  2. When registering, participants can select their top friend or coach request. (Limit 1)
  3. When registering, participants can select a secondary friend or coach request, in the event the first request could not be accommodated. (Limit 1)
  4. Participants will then be placed on teams by the school that they attend.
  5. Finally, participants will be placed by geographic location. For example, schools near one another; Northeast, Northwest, Southeast or Southwest quadrants of Wheaton or surrounding communities that are closest to these quadrants.

When forming teams, the Athletic Department will make every attempt not to exceed double the number of participants that can play on the court or field at one time. For example; five players play at one time on the basketball court; so the team roster will not exceed 10 players.

Note: Requests are not guaranteed. If two players have the same request and only one request can be granted, we will grant the request to the first person to register, based on the date and time of registration.

Limits are double the number on the field at a time. This ensures that each player will get to play at least half of the game (example: 5v5 max. # is 10).

Soccer Formats:

Grade Limit Format
Pee Wee 14 2-4v4
Kindergarten 14 4v4
1st Grade 12 6v6
2nd Grade 14 7v7
3rd Grade 14 7v7
4th Grade 14 7v7
5th Grade 16 9v9
6th Grade 16 9v9
7-8th Grade 17 11v11