Pom Squad Competition Rules


  1. All squads will perform according to age levels outlined in the IRCA rules. (Penalty: Disqualification)
  2. Squads may spirit on and off or enter and exit quietly. No stomping or chanting is allowed. (Penalty: 5 pts.)
  3. Level 1 squads may have their coaches walk them onto the floor but not place them into position. (Penalty: 5 pts.)
  4. Only the squad, after walking in to perform, can position poms or gloves on the floor.(Penalty: 5 pts.)


  1. Dance routines are performed with or without poms or gloves. No other props are acceptable. (Penalty: 5 pts.)
  2. The music is started and stopped by a representative of the performing squad. Routines are to be no longer than 2 1/2 minutes. Total routine must be a minimum of 1 1/2 minutes.
  3. Timing of the routine starts when the music starts and ends when the music is completed.
  4. Music is to be supplied by the performing squad. Use high quality materials and have a back up available.
  5. Restarts will not be granted for any reason other than mechanical failure.
  6. No mounts, stunts or pyramids of any kind are allowed. (Penalty: 10pts.)
  7. No tumbling stunts are permitted. (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  8. Squads cannot hire a professional choreographer. (Penalty: Disqualification)


  1. A leap is defined as taking off on one foot and landing on another.
  2. A turn is defined as a complete rotation.
  3. Kick points are accrued for either a single/individual kick or kickline.


For more information, please contact the Wheaton Park District Athletics Department at 630.690.4880.

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