Can anyone sign-up for Wheaton Park District Youth Cheerleading?

Yes! Our intent as an organization is to allow all interested girls to cheer- therefore, we create as many squads as necessary based on registered participants.  There is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 36 girls per squad. There are normally 2 squads per grade, although it depends on the number of girls that register and the number of volunteers that step up to coach.

I want to be involved with my daughter’s team, who do I contact?

Contact us if you would like to help out with your daughter’s squad.

What are my financial obligations?

For Grades 1-8 (competing), early bird registration is $500(R) and $625(NR) until 3/27/23, then it is $530(R) and $655(NR).
For Grade K (non-competing), early bird registration is $125(R) and $157(NR) until 3/27/23, then it is $155(R) and $187(NR). At your squad’s parent meeting (or by the beginning of July), money will be collected by your coach for the squad’s team fund. This fund covers music, homecoming gifts, additional competitions, squad treats, etc. Cheer spiritwear items (including: jackets, sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts, pants, and cheer bag) are sold at the time of uniform fittings – none of the items are required purchases.

What do I get for my registration fee?

Registration fees pay for the following:

Grade K – Poms, bow and cheer shirt for game days.
Grades 1-8 – New uniform, competition fees, competition bow, poms and shoes.

Do you have any fundraisers?

Yes, there is one mandatory fundraiser. Details will be discussed at the parent meeting.

What are the dates of the season?

The cheer season will start on mid-July and end in mid-November unless the cheer team attends the State Competition, which is the 1st weekend in December.

What if my daughter is not able to make every practice?

This is a sport. Each squad begins early in the season to develop a competition routine and the girls need to be at each and every practice. If your daughter is participating in another activity that will prohibit her from attending practices regularly you may want to consider if Rams is another activity she should be involved in. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone so please consider this when you and your daughter make this commitment.

Are practices mandatory?

YES. ALL practices are mandatory. Each coach will explain the squad rules during the parent meeting. Missed practices can result in not participating in the halftime routine at football games and/or participating in competitions. Coaches will also explain what is considered an excused absence.

When do the girls have practice?

Practices are held 2-3 nights a week for 1-2 hours per night at the discretion of the volunteer coaches. Additional practices can be added at the beginning of the season prior to school starting or during the season to prepare for competitions.

Where are practices held?

Practices will be held at Central Athletic Complex as well as local parks during the summer. After Labor Day, practices will be held at Central Athletic Complex.

How many games are required to cheer for during the season?

The squads are required to cheer at a minimum of 6 regular season games.  The home games are played at Graf Park.  In addition, each squad may cheer in one or two bowl games (practice games) prior to the Labor Day Kick off weekend and playoff games in October and November.

My daughter is very tiny. I hear that she will be a flyer then, is this true?

The decision for each cheerleader’s role is up to the coaches. Size is not the only factor. We will not have a girl be a flyer if she is not comfortable doing it. We will also not hold back someone else who is willing to try.

It is my daughter’s birthday. Can I bring a treat?

Birthday treats are on a team-by-team basis. Please talk to your team coach to determine if your team wants to allow birthday treats.

I have heard it is not encouraged to watch practices. When can I watch?

Some of the girls (especially the younger ones) become distracted when their parents stay to watch during practice. We like to encourage parents to attend all of the football games and watch your daughter cheer on the sidelines and perform the halftime routine. Only cheerleaders and those coaches/team parents that are listed on the squad’s roster will be allowed to stay at practices.

What will be the vehicle of communication?

We strive to have constant communication from the Rams Board and team coaches. The overall program will use the website and email as primary communication vehicles. Each team will establish their own communication vehicle. We encourage email, phone, and paper communication depending on whether the entire team has email available to them.

When is the mandatory parent meeting?

You will be informed by your coach on time and location of the squad’s parent meeting.


For more information, please contact the Wheaton Park District Athletics Department at 630.690.4880.

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