Competition Overview


  1. All Cheerleading and Pom Squads must be rostered and sanctioned in the IRCA and perform regularly at the scheduled Ram’s football games. All cheerleader and Pom squads must perform as rostered by their coach. (Penalty: Disqualified.)
  2. All IRCA competition guidelines and by-laws shall be followed for the event.
  3. Only rostered coaches will be allowed to choreograph the squad they are rostered on. Squads cannot hire or utilize services of a professional choreographer/instructor. (Penalty: Disqualification)
  4. Any squad in violation of the IRCA rules will be ineligible to compete in the IRCA Competition, with no refund of competition fees.
  5. Squads must have a minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 26.
  6. Any franchise with over 26 members will have the squad split at the roster turn in date. No changes will be allowed after that date, except for extenuating circumstances and must be approved by the IRCA.
  7. There will be a lottery draw for the performance schedule. If there is a level change or addition, this will result in that squad performing first in their new level.
  8. Any squad moving to a different level than originally slotted must be approved at the Directors Meeting.
  9. All rule infractions incurred at Competition will result in point penalties not monetary penalties unless otherwise specified.


  1. No one will be allowed to enter the building prior to the first check-in, except IRCA staff.
  2. Squads may not enter the building until their designated check-in time.
  3. The entrance fee for the Competition is $75.00 per squad, for the first 17 members, and then $5.00 for each additional member with the exception of the 70lb squads, which will be $75.00/squad. The fee is due at the September’s Cheer Directors Meeting.
  4. Directors, Assistant Directors, Coaches and Team Parents (as rostered) shall attend at No Charge and must wear nametags. Every town is responsible for providing their own Nametags. Nametags will be turned into the Cheer Commissioner at the September Meeting.
  5. There will be a $5.00 Adult fee, $3.00 fee for children age 4 years old thru 8th Grade. Children 3 years old and under, the admission fee is free for the Competition Event.

Performance Rules

  1. There will be a designated area for the coaches to sit.
  2. Any stunt or mount considered illegal in the NFHS Spirit Rules book is illegal in the IRCA. (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  3. Mascots will not participate in competition. (Penalty: Disqualification)
  4. Gum chewing is prohibited at all times during the competition.
  5. No artificial fingernails or nail polish is allowed. No jewelry of any kind, glitter (face, hair, and body) will be allowed. (Penalty: 10pts) Each girl will be inspected at check-in. If not rectified upon request, the participant is disqualified. Only a coach, parent, or board member of the respectative town shall make alterations as necessary. The appropriate town representative will also be notified.
  6. Length of real nails must be fingertip length for safety reasons. If not rectified upon request, the participant is disqualified. Each girl will be inspected at check-in.
  7. There is absolutely no coaching, prompting or other type of hand signals by coaches during the performance. (Penalty: 10pts)

Competition Etiquette

  1. Any misconduct by a parent of a cheerleader will result in: 1) The Cheer Director of that franchise being notified; and 2) The parent will be removed from the competition.
  2. No gifts or presents of any kind are allowed for Directors, Squads or Coaches at the Competition Event. (Major Penalty)
  3. Non-performing squads must remain orderly and quiet in their designated area while other squads are performing or they will be asked to leave and not be re-admitted (whether or not they have performed).
  4. No cameras or videotaping of any kind are permitted in the Competition gym. (Major Penalty)
  5. No signs or rooter poms will be allowed in the gym. (Major Penalty)


  1. There will be a minimum of 3 regular judges and 1 penalty judge per division. There will also be 4 timers for the cheerleading competition provided by towns assigned this job (2 for music and 2 for total routine). There will be 2 timers for pom competition also assigned by lottery to a town in competition.
  2. Judges will be mailed our score sheets and both general and specific competition information one week prior to the Competition Event. Judges will meet with the Cheer Directors the morning of the event before the first performance.
  3. No Cheer Director will sit directly behind or next to the Judges’ table.
  4. Competition score sheets will be available to Directors only at the end of the day. No Director is to be at the scoring table.
  5. To break a tie the Overall Performance score on the Judges’ score sheet will be used. In the case of a second tie, the Level of Difficulty score will be used.


1st through 3rd place will be awarded in both the Small and Large Divisions for Cheer and Pom. The awards will be given at the end of each level of competition. Participation awards will be given to all squads. These awards will also be given at the end of each level of competition.


  1. IRCA has adopted all National Federation Of State High School Association’s current year spirit rules to govern the safety of all Cheerleading and Pom participants.Exceptions to NFSHS Spirit Rule 2:
    • Section 2, Article 6, Rule 1 – Single Base Cradle Dismounts are not permitted.
    • Section 12, Article 6 – Log Rolls are not permitted.
  2. Artificial fingernails are not allowed. Length of natural nails is not to be further than the fingertip.
  3. The use of spotters when engaging in partner stunts is strongly recommended. Back Spotters will be required for all stunts except thigh stands and shoulder sits. Back Spotters and Bases must maintain eye contact with the stunt. Front Spotters may look away from a stunt as necessary to move to adapt the stunt.
  4. Jewelry will be not allowed at any time during practices, games or competitions. Exception: A medical alert necklace or bracelet may be worn if taped down.
  5. Stunts shall not be higher than two bodies. (Penalty: 10pts.)
  6. Collapsible stunts are not permitted. (Penalty: 10pts.)
  7. Single twist down dismounts is allowed for Levels 4, 5, & 6. (Penalty: 10pts.)
  8. Full Pendulums are not permitted. (Penalty: 10pts.)
  9. Tic Toc’s (Change of Liberty are allowed for Levels 4, 5, & 6). (Penalty: 10pts.)
  10. Basket Tosses are not permitted due to flooring regulations as per NFSHS Spirit Rules Book. (Penalty: 10pts.)


For more information, please contact the Wheaton Park District Athletics Department at 630.690.4880.

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