Wheaton Park District Cheerleading

Competition Rules


  1. All Cheerleading and Pom Squads must be rostered and sanctioned in the IRCA and perform regularly at the scheduled Ram’s football games. All cheerleader and Pom squads must perform as rostered by their coach. (Penalty: Disqualified.)
  2. Squads may spirit on and off or enter and exit quietly. No stomping or chanting is allowed.(Penalty: 5 pts.)
  3. Only level one squads may have their coaches walk them onto the floor but not place or lift
    Them into position. (Penalty: 5 pts.)


  1. The music is started and stopped by a representative of the performing squad. Routines are to be no longer than 2 1/2 minutes, including the optional 1:15 minutes of music. Total routine must be a minimum of 1 1/2 minutes. The timing of the routine starts when the music starts or the first word is said and ends when the music is completed or with the final word. (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  2. Routines may include jumps, arm movements and transitional moves. Stunts, dancing,
    mounts and tumbling are allowed. (Penalty: N/A)
  3. Restarts will not be granted for any reason other than mechanical failure. Tape/CD problems do not constitute mechanical failure.
  4. No props, poms, signs or hand held objects of any kind are allowed. The use of mini tramps is also prohibited. (Penalty: 5 pts.)
  5. No Knee drops are permitted. This is defined as dropping to the floor with the knees as the primary point of contact, as opposed to simple kneeling. (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  6. No flying or suicide splits are permitted. This occurs anytime a cheerleader goes into the splits off the floor and lands with the inner parts of the upper legs and/or thighs striking the ground first. (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  7. Cartwheels, round-offs and aerials are allowed from the floor only. (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  8. Tumbling is defined as but not limited to any one or combination of the following: cartwheel, roundoff, somersault, tuck, or flip.
  9. Squads cannot hire or utilize the services of a professional choreographer. (Penalty: Disqualification.)


  1. No stunt shall be higher than two bodies. (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  2. No collapsible stunts, full pendulums, log rolls, single base cradle dismounts or back bends supporting an additional weight are allowed. (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  3. No tucks or flips shall be used when stunting, even if a squad mate or spotter holds the person. This includes, but is not limited to somersaults, etc. as a means of dismount. (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  4. Split mounts are permitted with proper support (3-person minimum). (Penalty: 10 pts.)
  5. The use of spotters is strongly recommended when engaging in partner stunts and mounts. Spotters are to be rostered squad members. The use of a back spotter is mandatory on all stunts, except thigh stands and shoulder sits. All back spotters must actively participate during the stunt, have hands up and maintain attentive visual contact at all times. All bases must maintain attentive eye contact with the stunt. (Penalty: 10 pts.) With maximum of points earned not to exceed the maximum stunt points allowed.


  1. The IRCA has adopted all National Federation of State High School Association’s current year spirit rules to govern the safety of Cheerleading and Pom Franchises.
    Exceptions to NFSHS Spirit Rule 2:
    • Section 2, Article 6, Rule 1 – Single Base Cradle Dismounts are not permitted.
    • Section 12, Article 6 – Log Rolls are not permitted.

  2. Artificial fingernails are not allowed. Length of natural nails is not to be further than the fingertip.
  3. The use of spotters when engaging in partner stunts is strongly recommended. Back Spotters will be required for all stunts except thigh stands and shoulder sits. Back Spotters and Bases must maintain eye contact with the stunt. Front Spotters may look away from a stunt as necessary to move to adapt the stunt.
  4. Jewelry will be not allowed at any time during practices, games or competitions. Exception: A medical alert necklace or bracelet may be worn if taped down.
  5. Stunts shall not be higher than two bodies.
  6. Collapsible stunts are not permitted.
  7. Single twist down dismounts are allowed for Levels 4,5, and 6. (Penalty: 10pts.)
  8. Full Pendulums are not permitted. (Penalty: 10pts.)
  9. Tic Toc’s (Change of Liberty) are allowed for Levels 4, 5, and 6. (Penalty: 10pts.)
  10. Basket tosses will be allowed for Levels 4, 5, and 6. (Penalty: 10pts.) Basket tosses are not permitted due to flooring regulations as per NFSHS Spirit Rules Book. (Penalty: 10pts.)


For more information, please contact the Wheaton Park District Athletics Department at 630.690.4880.

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