Travel Leagues

WPDYBS Travel Team Guidelines: Baseball (PDF) | Softball (PDF)


The Travel Baseball Warriors Program is competitive by nature and requires the commitment of players, parents and coaches. Equal playing time is not guaranteed. The number of teams selected depends upon the level of talent of the players and available qualified managers. The number of games will depend on the team’s success in the tournaments and whether the team chooses to schedule additional games.


The Wildcats are a very competitive full-time travel team that requires serious commitment by players, parents, and coaching staff. The regular playing season starts in spring and runs through summer. Approximately 60 practice and tournament games will be played during this time period. Practices, games, and/or tournaments begin in the fall. Training continues indoors at facilities located within Wheaton and the surrounding western suburbs during the winter months.The Wildcats tryouts are held in fall and will be conducted by the Youth Softball Board of Control and Selection Committee.

Girls ages 9-18 wishing to experience competitive, full-time travel league softball are encouraged to try out for either the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U or 18U Wildcat teams.