Special Parking Guidelines

Special parking guidelines have been established for some of the ballparks we use. Please be considerate of our neighbors in the surrounding areas of fields and remember to have a great season!

Parking at Atten Park
Be sure to use the parking lots, do not block any residential driveways. Residents have ben told to contact the police to ticket cars that are blocking driveways.

Parking at Emerson School

At the Emerson School site, there have been problems in the past with parents and spectators parking on both sides of the street, creating a dangerous situation with children running out from between parked cars into the street. The Wheaton Park District Youth Baseball & Softball Board of Control asks that all cars be parked on the south side of Childs and the east side of Woodlawn, as seen in the image shown at right.

We appreciate your efforts to maintain safe conditions for residents' families as well as your own. The Board of Control also asks that as a courtesy, parents and spectators do not block any residential driveway when attending a game.

Parking at Franklin Middle School
The following illegal parking violations are commonly complained about by the residents living on property adjacent to Franklin Middle School:

Parking violations will be ticketed.

Parking at Jefferson School
At the Jefferson field site, we have had issues with spectators and players going into the yards of homes nearby. Each year the residents contact the WPDYBS Board of Control to request that we ask parents and coaches to supervise their players and siblings to avoid causing damage to the homeowner's property adjacent to the site.

Please help us to be good neighbors by remembering to be courteous and respectful of others' property while helping to enforce this simple rule.

Parking at Lincoln School
The Lincoln School parking lot circle is a one-way street. "Do Not Enter" signs are posted. The Wheaton Police Department will ticket drivers who do not obey these signs.

Parking at Washington School
Please be advised the WPDYBS Board of Control has been contacted by school officials and neighbors of Washington School in regards to parking problems. Parking on both sides of Bridle causes a dangerous situation with children running out from between parked cars into the street. We request all cars be parked on the north side of Bridle. The bus turn around area is not available for parking. This area is usually locked and should be kept as such.