Field Use Guidelines

We are all committed to provide high quality, safe-playing surfaces for our multi-use athletic ball fields, but we need the help and consideration of all user groups in protecting the turf/infield from excessive damage due to game and practice activities. The turf/infield is the safety surface for the athletic fields. If any of the following conditions occur scheduled games and practices must be canceled or postponed.

Ball Field Use Guidelines:
  1. Standing water on the field of play.
  2. Soil Saturation:
    1. Walking on turf/infield causes water to surface
    2. Walking on turf/infield on heels causes indentions
    3. Steady downpour of rain during/on game or practice day, which could cause damage to turf/infield or injury to participant
  3. Audible thunder or visible lightning
  4. Visibility (darkness)

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