Wheaton Park District
1777 Blanchard St
Wheaton, IL 60189
Ph: 630-690-4880

Field Guidelines

  1.  If the lacrosse field is unplayable, it should not be used to avoid serious damage.   Unplayable means: "standing water on the field" or during and after a heavy rain.

  2. Check the field for holes or any foreign objects and report any maintenance repair to the Wheaton Park District.

  3. Practice in the goal area is prohibited.

  4. Climbing the goal posts is prohibited.

  5. Moving lacrosse goals from one field to another is prohibited.

  6. Vehicles are prohibited on all fields.

  7. Please return all equipment that is used from the boxes.  If anything is missing or broken contact the Wheaton Park District.

  8. Leave the field/park cleaner than you found it.

  9. ***Important*** For any accident or incident the Wheaton Park District Accident/Incident Form (PDF) needs to be filled out immediately and returned to the Wheaton Park District Office within 24 hours.

  10. No alcoholic beverages permitted in the park.  The use of tobacco products, smoking or chewing is prohibited on the playing field, including the area surrounding the player area.

  11. Please be courteous of homeowners property when attending games, i.e. parking and trespassing.
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