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Code of Conduct for Players

Ethics Code: Rules of Conduct and Standards of Leadership for Players
Trustworthiness (honesty, integrity, promise-keeping and loyalty)
  • Act so people can trust you.
  • Be completely honest. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Don't be sneaky or tricky. Don't do things behind people's back. Don't cheat or steal.
  • Don't do anything you think is wrong. Have integrity. Stand up for your beliefs. Be your best self. Show commitment and courage.
  • Keep your promises. Do what you said you will do when you said you would do it. Return when you borrow.
  • Don't spread rumors or gossip that would hurt others. Stand by your family, friends and your team but don't do anything wrong to get or keep a friendship. Don't ask a friend to do something wrong.
  • Treat opponents, teammates, referees/umpires/officials, and others with respect and courtesy. Do not use insults, negative cheers or name-calling to put anyone down. Don't yell at or make fun of any person. Be polite. Use "please", "thank you" and "excuse me".
  • Be positive. Help people get better, be constructive.
  • Be on time. Remember others are relying on you.
  • Treat all people as individuals. Be tolerant of people's differences. Never make statements out of prejudice.
  • Listen to others. Respect their opinions and their right to have a different opinion than yours.
  • Don't use violence to settle disputes. Don't hit, shove or threaten to hurt anyone.
  • Think before you act. Think about consequences, how your actions today can affect you and others in the future.
  • Take responsibility for the consequences of your choices. Don't blame others for what you did or take credit that doesn't belong to you.
  • Set a good example in everything you do.
  • Do your best. Don't quit. Make all you do worthy of pride. Remember, your character is shown by how you play the game, not by whether you win or lose.
  • Always control yourself. Do not lose your temper. Don't throw things, scream, hit others, or use bad language.
  • Do your duty. Do what you should do even when it is hard or you don't want to do it.
  • Be a good sport. Win and lose with grace - - don't brag when you win or complain about and make excuses when you lose.
  • Play fair and with honor. Play by the rules. Never cheat.
  • Give everyone a fair chance.
  • Be kind and caring. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don't be mean, cruel or uncaring of others' feelings.
  • Think of the team. Think of others. Don't be selfish on the field or off it.
  • Obey laws and rules. Remember it is unfair for some people to play by the rules while others don't.
  • Listen to your coaches, referees/officials/umpires and your parents. Respect authority.
  • Do your share. Help your team and your community. Protect the environment.


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