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Wheaton Rams Football is a program of the Wheaton Park District.

Weight Criteria and Evaluations

For the 2016 season, the BGYFL has instituted new rules for Age and Weight criteria. These are designed to give more kids the opportunity to play by allowing them to compete with players closer to their own age and weight. Please refer to this chart for the new criteria.

Evaluation Details

Dates: August 1-5
Time: 5:45-8pm (Players must be at the appropriate field* by 5:45pm; fully dressed and ready to go when evaluations start at 6pm!)
Weight Levels: All
Location: Atten Park (1720 S. Wiesbrook Road, Wheaton, IL)
All players, including Head and Assistant Coaches’ sons, must be present for evaluations. If a conflict arises, please contact Rob Sheridan at 630-690-4880 or

*Coaches and Rams board members will be on hand to help guide you to the proper area.

Players are required to have all of their protective equipment in order to fully participate. This includes helmet, colored mouth guard attached to helmet (clear mouth guards are not allowed), shoulder pads, rib guard, knee, thigh, hip and tailbone pads. It is strongly suggested that players wear football cleats as well. It is a good idea to have these broken in a bit in order to avoid blisters.

Any player who still does not have equipment, the equipment room at the Community Center will be open following evaluations from 8:30 PM until 9:30 PM, Monday, August 1st and Tuesday, August 2nd. The equipment room will NOT be open during draft nights Tuesday, August 4th and Friday, August 5th.

What happens at Evals?

All players are different in terms of skill, experience and physical development. That’s why it is important at the youth football level to build teams with players of similar abilities. During Evaluation Week each player will be tested and evaluated on speed, strength, agility and aggressiveness, as well as football skills. Each day, the coaches will begin by running the players through some warm up exercises. Then players will be divided up and coaches will observe them as they perform various football drills. Contact will begin on the third night of evaluations and will be a controlled, gradual process. Care will be taken to match players of like size and ability during contact drills.

Remember to bring plenty of water to Evals. Coaches will ensure that the appropriate number of water breaks are taken.

The Draft Process

Once the coaches have had a chance to see all of the players in action, it’s time to select teams. This begins after Thursday’s evaluations when the Gold coaches will conduct their draft. Players not selected in the Gold draft will continue the evaluation process on Friday. At the conclusion of Friday’s evaluations, the Silver coaches will begin their draft process. All players will be selected to a team and will be contacted no later than Saturday by their drafting team. Players will weigh in each week during August to ensure they are in the right weight class and meet the BGYGL playing rules. Weight transfers will be made as necessary to ensure players are participating in the proper weight class.

Once the draft is completed, each team will begin its regular practice schedule at the discretion of the coach.